Mabel and the Mountain -

Kim Hillyard


Meet Mabel. Mabel is a fly and although Mabel may be small she has BIG PLANS. 


Mabel’s BIG PLANS include climbing a mountain and she is determined to achieve her dreams, despite what her friends may say or think!


Mabel and the Mountain is a story about believing in yourself and the importance of keeping going even when things get a little tough. A cheering tale full of vibrant and joyous illustrations from debut author and illustrator Kim Hillyard, Mabel’s positivity and determination will inspire and encourage readers big and small to put their own big plans into action, follow their hearts, face new challenges and be more like Mabel!


After completing a degree in Drama at the University of Exeter, Kim Hillyard spent nine years working as a music journalist for various publications including NME, Time Out and the BBC. She has also worked as a drama and arts facilitator, delivering assemblies, storytelling and workshops in schools, bookshops and community spaces on everything from phonics to creative writing. Kim lives in London, and Mabel and the Mountain is her first book.